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For years, thousands have participated in Commonway workshops, seminars and activities. Thousands have purchased the books and participated in the projects and consultancies, in the United States and abroad.

You now have the opportunity to become a core member of Commonway. Now... it is time for you to…


Some organizations ask you to support the status quo. Others ask you to support (or protest) various causes.

Commonway is different. We ask you to support the movement to a world that works for all.

In the face of the perils of our times, we are called upon to act with vision and with authentic values, to forge a new society. Your membership will support our efforts in shifting consciousness, values and actions.

This is a different kind of membership. We don’t just want your dollars (although every dollar goes to support the work of Commonway and its projects). We want your CONSCIOUS INVOLVEMENT. Once we reach a critical mass, we will to be able to link you with others in your area, help you get the training and the focus you need to be effective, and catalyze the local actions that will effectively lead to a world with inclusivity as its primary value.

Level Dues/yr
Basic/Student/Third World $36
Mender $120
Sustainer $1,200
Seva (Service) $3,600

Make a real difference in the world... BELONG TO THE FUTURE!

Two simple steps are all it takes to join Commonway...

1. Becom an "authenticated user" on the Commonway website. (click here -- it's free!) Once you register, you will receive your password via email in a few minutes. Login with your username and password. You must be log in to complete your Commonway membership enrollment.

2. Click on "Join Commonway!" (left column) and decide on your level of membership. Complete your membership via our secure connection with PayPal (Commonway does not see or store your financial information.)

That's it!

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