Seven Seeds for a New Society - Detailed Table of Contents

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New Society

Seven Seeds for a New Society
Detailed Table of Contents

SEED #1: The Offering

We need a new perspective on seeing our challenges and a vision of our future.

SEED #2: Seeing the Problem

We have created a toxic way of living on this planet. The default option is that we don’t make it. But, there is another way. Our problems are driving us to “Plan B”, a new way of looking at humanity.

SEED #3: The Solution

Humanity is evolving to a new way of being. There are many books and many teachers who advocate a transformation of human consciousness. We are taking the next step: advocating the evolution of humanity, for the purpose of saving ourselves, all beings, and the Earth.

SEED #4: Principles and Values

Our current society is dominated by one primary value: money. Religions that are based on exclusivity have failed to supply the way to a 21st Century that works for all. We must transform to a society based on our universal spiritual/moral principles and values. Our prime value must be enhancing the Web of Life.

SEED #5: The Relational Operating System

ROS is based on inclusivity, abundance and relationships with all beings. Our current operating system is based on fear, adversarial relationships, exclusivity, scarcity and greed. We need a change.

SEED #6: The Relational Agents

We are conscious supporters of a relational operating system. We are moving away from behaviors that support and reinforce the fear-based, adversarial, exclusivist, scarcity-based operating system. We can end the Breaker system by becoming conscious, and behaving accordingly.

SEED #7: Next Steps for Humanity

We are unleashing a vision of a world that works for all beings. With this long-range vision, we can then see the steps we must take to co-create our future.

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