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There are three levels of membership (along with a "Student/ Basic/ Third World" membership level for those who are income restricted).

Membership Benefits:

All NEW membership levels, including Basic/ Student/ Third World, will receive a copy of the DVD "Catalyzing a Common Society". This DVD, taped at a workshop at the World Café in St. Louis, contains the essence of the Common Society Movement philosophy and activities. All members will also receive access to member-restricted content on the Commonway website.

All NEW and RENEWING members will receive a copy of Sharif Abdullah’s latest book, “Seven Seeds for a New Society”. (If you have already purchased the book, you can get either a free month credit on your membership, a second copy to gift to someone else, or Commonway will gift a copy of the book, in your name, to someone of limited income.)


Dues at the Basic/ Student/ Third World level are $36 per year ($3 per month).
All Basic/ Student/ Third World members will receive access to member-restricted content on the Commonway website. Members at this level will also receive access to SELECTED Tele-Seminars.
[NOTE: This level of membership is provided for people on fixed or limited incomes, or who live in “non-developed” countries where people experience drastically reduced incomes as compared to people living in America or the West. It’s for people who truly cannot afford the “Mender” level membership.]

FIXED Limited/3rd World Member


Dues at the Mender level are $120 per year ($10 per month).

At the Mender level and above, all members receive FREE multi-part Tele-seminars with their paid membership. Members will choose between exciting themes and will be able to choose convenient times for the Tele-seminar. [The Tele-seminars will be offered both live and archived on the Web.]

FIXED Mender Level Membership


Dues at the Sustainer level are $1,200 per year ($100 per month).

FIXED Sustainer Membership


Dues at the Seva level are $3,600 per year ($300 per month).

FIXED Seva Level Membership

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