Why Join?

We all are on the front lines of world-wide social/cultural transformation. We have been given an opportunity unique in all human history. What we do, right now, will possibly determine whether humanity survives its own excesses and errors, whether we learn the value of creating a world that works for all.

The most important task on our planet is shifting human consciousness in order to shift behavior. There is NOTHING more important. Unless billions of people quickly change their behavior, the very existence of humanity on this planet is in peril.

As an aware global citizen, you already know what we're up against.

  • You know about the recent predictions of James Lovelock—that humanity won't last another hundred years on this planet. (For more information on Lovelock, click here:)
  • You know the research of William Catton, who says that all of us can live sustainably on this planet—but not if we all try to live like we Americans do. (For more information on Catton's research, click here:)
  • You know about "The Mess", our intractable, interlocking mega-crises, the forces driving us to make fundamental changes in our society.
  • You know that our new President, elected on a platform of hope and change, seems mired in the status quo on many issues, unable or unwilling to do the hard things that will mean the survival (and "thrival") of humans on this planet.

As someone who thinks about the future, you also know the vision:

  • You know of Paul Hawken's work: that there are millions of organizations, representing the work of hundreds of millions of change agents around to world, working for a better world. (For more information on Hawken's work, click here:)
  • You know about the Apollo Vision, the view of our small planet as seen from outer space—one planet, one people.
  • You know that it is possible, with the correct application of vison and will, to create a world that works for all beings.

Our transformation to a world that works for all beings does not require new resources or technology. It doesn’t even require hard work and dedication. The change requires a shift in consciousness – how we think about ourselves and our relationships with others.

You know that it will take many millions of us, acting together, to end the Age of Waste, to shift the dominant consciousness from Breaker to Mender, and to carry out the activities necessary for an alignment with a new form of consciousness—with inclusivity as our key value.