Are my membership dues tax deductible?

Yes. Commonway is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization (EIN: 94-3172723). Membership dues and donations to Commonway are fully tax deductible.

Commonway will comply with new IRS regulations by providing an acknowledgment of each membership.

Can I pay my membership dues by check?

Although we prefer that you use PayPal, we know there are some who, for whatever reason, prefer to pay for their membership by check. For instructions on how to pay by check, click here.

How do I connect with other members?

Once we get to a critical mass of members, we will be adding interactive elements to this website. Members will be able to access content, post events, and make local, regional, continental and international connections with other Menders. EVERY MEMBERSHIP COUNTS!

How do I cancel my membership?

TO UNSUBSCRIBE: If, for whatever reason, you wish to unsubscribe from Commonway membership, you are free to do so. For your convenience, you can use the button below to cancel your membership.

OPTIONAL: If you choose to cancel your membership, please drop a quick note to hub@commonway.org telling us why. (This will help us be more responsive to our membership.)