Sri Lanka: Peace Work with Sarvodaya


Recent events in Sri Lanka have been dramatic. On 17 May 2009, the Sri Lankan government militarily defeated the LTTE, also known in the West as the "Tamil Tigers", ending a civil war that lasted nearly 30 years, with untold casualties, both military and civilian.

This section of the Commonway website will be updated to reflect the new conditions. In the meantime, please go to the last several articles posted on "Sharif's Blog" for more current analysis of the conditions on the island.

In particular, please see the following blog entries:

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In August of 1999, the Sarvodaya organization started its Peace Initiative in the war-torn island of Sri Lanka, calling for 100,000 people to join in a peace meditation.

They got 200,000.

Since 1996, Commonway has been assisting Sarvodaya with its Peace Initiative. Sarvodaya is the only organization on the island of Sri Lanka with:

* A Buddhist and Gandhian philosophy of non-violence;
* an island-wide organizaional structure;
* able to mobilize and motivate hundreds of thousands of people;
* a clear vision of a post-conflict society, and;
* a 50 year track record of people-oriented development.

Commonway supplies a needed conceptual viewpoint and a track record of resolving conflict among parties who are defended, hostile and adversarial. The Commonway approach is based on the philosophy of inclusivity, a spiritual (but non-religious) knowing that all our lives are inextricably linked, that whatever is done to one is done to all, and that the search for peace has to be based in the notion that all parties to a conflict have to “win”.
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There is a confluence of ideas, consciousness and spirit that makes Sarvodaya and CWI a great working partnership.

Commonway supports the peace initiative in Sri Lanka by:

-- Providing overall logistical support to Sarvodaya, and

-- Providing philosophical grounding, theory, strategies and tactical advice to Sarvodaya on its peace initiative.