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SEVEN SEEDS for a New Society offers a new way to approach our inner lives, our society and our spirituality. This book provides tools to help us move from a society based on fear, lack, violence and greed, to a society based on love, compassion and relationships with all beings.

There are two futures facing the human family… only one of them is viable.

From “Seven Seeds for a New Society”

Our present society, the dominant paradigm, is toxic and terminal. That’s the bad news.

The good news: We stand on the brink of the next evolutionary leap for humankind, a leap that will transform all human societies!

At times inspiring, challenging and controversial, social-spiritual activist Sharif Abdullah articulates for us the need to transform our toxic “operating system” (how people interact in the world) to one based on love, compassion and relationship. Sharif challenges us to apply our spiritual and moral values in the world, in a practical, realistic way that can save humanity, all beings, and the Earth.

If you are concerned with ecology, sustainability, economics, social justice, politics, spirituality… if you are concerned with the fate of our world – this is your book.

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