Seven Seeds for a New Society

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This book helps us move from a society based on fear, lack and greed, to a society based on love, compassion and positive relationships with all beings.

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If you are concerned with ecology, sustainability, economics, social justice, politics, spirituality… if you are concerned with the fate of our society – this is your book. This book helps us move from a society based on fear, lack and greed, to a society based on love, compassion and positive relationships with all beings.

Shariff Abdullah outlines how a society operates and for the first time, we can see a comprehensive, holistic view of a healthy society. Seven Seeds is not about patching or tweaking existing systems. It lies beyond a “progressive” or “conservative” agenda.

Together, we are enacting new ways of everyday living, ways that are in accordance with the wisdom teachers of many cultures and the needs of the Earth. We are replacing our violent, immoral societies with something else – a relational operating system. We are creating a new operating system, a way to live in this present-day society. This book is the blueprint for that operating system.

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1 review for Seven Seeds for a New Society

  1. Hazel B Ray

    By Shariff Abdullah
    Reviewed by Hazel Ray

    “The seeds of the new society are lying all around you. The seeds are within you. In fact, YOU are the seed,” states Shariff Abdullah in his visionary book, SEVEN SEEDS FOR A NEW SOCIETY.

    A seed needs the right soil, sun and water to grow. If I’m a seed of a new society, what nutrients do I need, or all of us as a collective need, to grow this new society? Shariff tells us how to start the process by taking us on a journey of discovery and awakening from the unconsciousness most of us experience as everyday life.

    To know if you are awake, how would you answer the following? Is your behavior in alignment with your spiritual values? Are you willing to seek out and join others in endeavors that work for all beings? Are you willing to give up a “Breaker” lifestyle and its comforts and conveniences and embrace a “Mender” lifestyle which may at first be uncomfortable and inconvenient? Are you willing to give up “I am separate” consciousness and embrace “We are one” consciousness even if you don’t know exactly what that looks like? Are you willing to become conscious of the operating system you live in and use that awareness to change your behavior? Are you willing to live in the gap between the status quo and a new society? Are you willing to put energy and effort into an outcome that you may never live to see?

    If your answers are “yes” to these questions, SEVEN SEEDS FOR A NEW SOCIETY is a great guidebook for you. And there is more to come.

    “We are inside humanity’s chrysalis,” says Shariff. “All of our actions, one way or another, will lead to our transformation. For those of us who share this consciousness, this is a remarkable and rewarding journey, a true adventure. It is not ‘my’ journey. It is not ‘yours’ either. It is ours.”

    SEVEN SEEDS FOR A NEW SOCIETY is more than a book. It is a model for building the kind of society those of us of “We are one” consciousness want to live in. If you are already engaged in recycling, eating organic, whole foods, and the like, consider going all out and following the yellow brick road to a sustainable lifestyle for future generations that SEVEN SEEDS FOR A NEW SOCIETY points to by reading it NOW.

    Shariff Abdullah directs the Commonway Institute ( He travels extensively throughout the world as a consultant on conflict resolution and engages in other human potential endeavors. His youtube videos are informative to many. He is currently involved in establishing an Awakening Center in partnership with the Light Center, a Unity church in Baldwin City, Kansas. The Center will be a prototype community doing the work of raising planetary consciousness.

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