Bridging the gap between inner work and a world that works for ALL…

Our job is to transform our dysfunctional societies, through a collective shift in human consciousness. Transcending our “Caterpillar Consciousness” is the single most important thing that we must do.

It’s time to become the butterfly.

Collective consciousness is where ALL of the masters and wisdom teachers have been leading us. Now, at this time of global peril, we have the ability to achieve it.
We are imagination-impaired.

We must re-learn how to DREAM BIG.

Through Commonway, we will implement change that is:

  • Humbling… enough to restore the Earth and our place in the Web of Life
  • Bold… enough to match our turbulent times
  • Conscious… enough to heal the human spirit
  • Visionary… enough to propel us into our positive future
  • Creative… enough to spark and feed the human imagination
  • Practical… enough to actually work.

“Climate Change” and our other global challenges are the impetus for the next evolutionary step in human consciousness.

Do you believe…

  • …that we can reform our way out of our troubles?
  • …that our problems are illusory and the status quo is perfect?
  • …that the same old actions will yield a positive future result?
  • …that violence is a necessary/valid/appropriate tool of social/spiritual change?
  • …that the road we are on will get us to where we need to be?

… CWI is not for you.

Wishing that dysfunctional human systems go away won’t make them go away. Ignoring them won’t make them go away. Attempts at reform are too little, too late. We need whole systems, not tweaks to the toxic system.

We must dream and design and build anew. Our solutions must be of the same magnitude as our challenges. We must DREAM BIG, then we must implement our dreams. We must see and sort what can work from what could never work. We must learn to see the difference between incremental steps and empty gestures. We must identify and support the small actions and models that will pave the way to larger change. Commonway’s job is to provide the perspective, understanding and vision for a new society, and to provide the space and energy for those dreams and visions to flourish.

  • Hunter-Gatherer
  • Sedentary Agriculture
  • Industrial Age
  • Communication/Information Age
  • Inclusive/ Relational/ Mender Age (repairing the damage and restoring our human dignity and nobility)
  • The Transcendent Age (All humans recognize and fully practice our connection and inclusive relationship with all other humans, all Beings, the Earth and Life everywhere in our Universe. We truly become ONE.)