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“The Best of Times…”

We stand on the brink of one of the most profound cultural and spiritual shifts in human history. All around the world, people by the millions are actively catalyzing positive change, meeting the challenges of our times with creativity, joy and a deep spiritual reverence. They are acting like their lives have meaning in the world. These turbulent times are calling forth authentic leaders adept at surfing through chaos who are creating a world beyond war and beyond fear: a world that works for all. We encourage all people to walk this path.

100 years from now…

  • There are billions of humans living sustainably and at peace on a healthy planet.
  • Poverty is a thing of the past. Some have more, some have less, but all have enough.
  • Humans resolve all conflicts (external and internal) without war, oppression or violence.
  • Human institutions like “governments” and “economies” have been transformed and/or replaced by something much better!