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We will form a broad-based coalition that includes every sector of our society, and excludes none.  

Our goal is simple: “Creating a World That Works for All”.  Not “all Americans”. Not “all the people who look, think and act like me”.  Not even “all humans”. The world must work for all beings, or it works for none.  (However: other beings – and many humans – already know how to live in harmony with the Earth. It is those of us with “Breaker” Consciousness who have to get in step with Gaia.)

Our primary challenge is to help each other shift our consciousness and develop an inclusive and holistic perspective and behaviors.

Instead of wasting time opposing the Breaker systems, we will organize, create and build alternative systems and structures.  The means, goals and visions are one. Once people stop paying attention to the dysfunctional Breaker system, it will disappear.

Instead of angry demonstrations or empty and powerless apathy, we will empower ourselves, which will disempower the Breaker state.