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“Practicing the 12 Steps of Inclusivity” will help YOU, as a leader of our new society, move past fears, negative histories and separating language, so that you can successfully connect people, ideas & visions… so that, together, we can create a world that works for you, for me, and for all other living beings.! (The “12 Steps” work is different from, and much more detailed than, our more general workbook, “Practicing Inclusivity.”)

FORMAT:  First Session: starting 2 February, 2022 (02/02/2022) Subsequent sessions on Thursdays in February & March.

TIME:  Two hours per session.  Actual times To Be Determined 

(Suggested time is 6:00 to 8:00pm (Pacific))

Two hours per week, for 6 consecutive weeks.  Each 120 minute session is highly participative, with lessons, small group work and Q&A time (Additional discussion times may be available.)

A workbook for those who wish to deepen their practice of inclusivity.

BONUS! Paid registrations received before 31 January, 2022 will receive a discount on their copy of Commonway’s brand-new workbook, “Practicing the 12 Steps of Inclusivity”!!  (The regular cost for the workbook is $20.)


100% Money back if course is undersubscribed.

100% Money back at your request after the first session – no questions asked!