Creating a World That Works for All

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We can change our world by changing our consciousness.  It’s the only thing that will.  This book will catalyze that transformation.

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Winner of the “Book of the Year” award! (from the Independent Book Publishers Association – 1999).

The world is a mess. The privileged few prosper. The masses suffer. And everyone feels spiritually empty. Most people would blame capitalism, racism, or some other “”ism””. But according to Sharif M. Abdullah, the problem is not ideology. It’s exclusivity — our desire to stay separate from other people.

In Creating a World That Works for All, Abdullah takes a look at the mess we live in — and presents a way out. To restore balance to the earth and build community, he says, people must stop blaming others, embrace inclusivity, and become “”Menders””. He outlines three simple tests — for “”enoughness””, exchangeability, and common benefit — to guide people as they transform themselves and the world.

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2 reviews for Creating a World That Works for All

  1. Hazel B Ray

    By Shariff Abdullah, Reviewed by Hazel Ray

    “Our present world works for only a few. However, by shifting our consciousness, then our culture and institutions, we can create a world that works for all,” says Shariff Abdullah in his groundbreaking book, Creating A World That Works For All.

    How can such a seemingly impossible task be done? First, by understanding that inclusivity is the basis for a world that works for all. Inclusivity means not just human beings but all sentient beings. Next, recognize the need for a new story that will help us heal our society. Shariff says, “A story is not a myth or fable but the operative blueprint for how we function as a society. It reveals the rationale for our acting the way we do. Changing our story is the fastest and most effective way to change our world.”

    Shariff goes on the describe the three major stories that have shaped the behavior of humans on this planet: 1) the Keepers (primarily indigenous peoples who have always honored the sacredness of the Earth; 2) the Breakers (all those who are both consciously and unconsciously self-serving; 3) the Menders (those who want to heal the Earth and are willing to sacrifice creature comforts for the greater good).

    The basis of human negative behavior, states Shariff, is spiritual starvation. If we don’t know any better, we humans try to fill our inner emptiness with material things, which are never enough, instead of love and compassion for ourselves and all others. The major cure for this condition is what Shariff calls the Spiritual Rehydration Packet.

    Shariff says: “The process of absorbing love has been one of reminding myself that I am receiving love. My emotional and spiritual bodies begin to absorb the love that is flowing around me constantly. Simply acknowledging that I am receiving love helps me to become more open to it. My spiritual rehydration packet involves reconnecting—with myself, with others, with the more-than-human environment, with Spirit.”

    There are many ways we can practice inclusivity. One is engaging in community conversations with a group of people representing a broad spectrum of viewpoints on politics, economics, racism, gender identity and other hot button issues. Getting direct with people is almost a lost art in this internet age, but there is no substitute for face-to-face human interactions. This and many other practices Shariff suggests can enable us to create a world that works for all.

    Creating A World That Works For All is the best book in its genre, perhaps across several genres, that I have ever read. It inspires me to think of myself, just as I am, as an important part of a greater whole instead of someone who needs fixing in order to have a better quality of life. It makes me feel that I am a part of the One, and so is everyone else. I urge you to read it without delay!

    Shariff Abdullah directs the Commonway Institute ( He travels extensively throughout the world as a consultant on conflict resolution and engages in other human potential endeavors. His youtube videos are informative to many. He is currently involved in establishing an Awakening Center in partnership with the Light Center, a Unity church in Baldwin City, Kansas. The Center will be a prototype community doing the work of raising planetary consciousness.

  2. Robin Goff

    I have loved this book for the last 20 years and have re-read it recently with my book club. It is a relevant now as when it was written! Please read this book, take it in deeply and pass it on to your friends! It is clearly time for us all to wake up to the situation we are living in on this planet and to step into meaningful action!

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