The Power of One: Authentic Leadership in Turbulent Times

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Through the practice of authenticity (in your personal and societal life), The Power of One shows you how to create a society based on love, compassion, and inclusivity.

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The Power of One breaks through the feelings of despair, frustration and alienation we all share about the state of the world and demonstrates how just you alone can transform your neighborhood, workplace or society. By subverting the dominant paradigm of power and leadership, The Power of One shows you how to create a society based on love, compassion, and authenticity.

THIS BOOK WAS IN CONTINUOUS PRINT FOR 30 YEARS.  In this age, it is remarkable when a book is in print for 30 months.  The fact that it remained in demand for 3 decades is a testament to the timeliness of the subject matter and the timelessness of the wisdom.

Currently out of print, the book is now a collector’s item!  The last 100 copies are available ONLY AT THIS SITE!  Each remaining book is signed and numbered.  (A revised and expanded edition will be available in the near future.)

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3 reviews for The Power of One: Authentic Leadership in Turbulent Times

  1. Shariff

    Your book Power of One, is the best book on authentic leadership that I’ve used with undergraduate students in twenty-five years of teaching. It’s concise, powerful, to the point, and life-changing. I recommended your book to a brilliant student today. A publisher would do a world of good if they republished The Power of One!

    Rebecca Chamberlain (Professor, Evergreen State University)

  2. Jaelle Dragomir

    “The Power of One” is a profound directive to be an authentic leader; one that exerts their moral force no matter where they are or what they are doing. Today, perhaps more than ever, we need this book so that the normalization of lying, cheating, hurting, and capitalizing on the pain and sorrow of others is relegated to the ash heap of history. This book is a constant reminder of the good we can and should do. All students of higher academia or of life will benefit from reading this book. Jaelle Dragomir (Communication Professor, Lone Star College, Houston, Texas)

  3. Hazel B Ray (verified owner)

    By Shariff Abdullah
    Reviewed by Hazel Ray

    “The buck stops here,” said President Harry Truman many years ago. He was certainly a good example of self-responsibility for his day and age. When I started reading Shariff Abdullah’s book The Power of One, subtitled “Authentic Leadership for Turbulent Times,” I thought, “Yes! We need those kinds of leaders! Perhaps like Truman. I wonder who they are?”

    It wasn’t long before I realized the “One” Shariff was referring to is me (duh!), not only an iconic figure like Martin Luther King or maybe someone a little less iconic such as Barack Obama. Although I’ve heard this idea before, that real leadership begins with me, it did not pack a punch until I read The Power of One.

    So, according to Shariff, we each need to get our acts together on the inside first before moving forward to help others or to save the planet. However, as I continued reading, I realized that there is more to be considered.

    First, understanding the nature of the challenges before us is key. We need to understand the difference between a crisis, such as an earthquake in Haiti, and a mega-crisis, such as global warming. Crises are immediate and in-our-face events. Mega-crises are in the background and harder to see.

    We also need to understand how each one of us is not only responsible for coming up with solutions, but we are also responsible for implementing the solutions. We can do this in small ways, such as picking up trash on the street, and also on a large scale by joining with responsible others to provide clean water to all on the planet. “The most potent force on the planet today is the power of mobilized people. It is also the one most unused,” says Shariff.

    So, how do I become this authentic leader? Shariff says the authentic leader serves the universal interest, practices the Golden Rule, is forgiving, has released anger, and has released fear. And, with these practices as a foundation, the authentic leader is loving and compassionate. She knows that there is no “us vs. them.” There is only “us.” We are one. A tall order, but one we are all capable of.

    The Power of One is informative, inspiring and compelling. I feel compelled to take action NOW. While there are many motivational books out there, this one is where the rubber hits the road in content, delivery and impact. The time to act is NOW. Your first step toward a viable future for all may be to purchase this book TODAY.

    Shariff Abdullah directs the Commonway Institute ( He travels extensively throughout the world as a consultant on conflict resolution and engages in other human potential endeavors. His youtube videos are informative to many. He is currently involved in establishing an Awakening Center in partnership with the Light Center, a Unity church in Baldwin City, Kansas. The Center will be a prototype community doing the work of raising planetary consciousness.

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