Practicing the 12 Steps of Inclusivity – A Workbook


What are the essential steps to learning and growing in inclusivity?  In this workbook, you will learn the 12 critical steps in understanding your connection with the Other.  The times call for a new understanding.  This is it.

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What is “inclusivity”?  The essence of inclusivity can be summed up in what Jesus referred to as the second great commandment: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” By “neighbors,” Jesus did not mean merely those people who live close to us, but everyone with whom we have contact.                      

How do we establish contact with those who want to distance themselves from us, ignore us, or even harm us? It’s fine for Jesus to talk about loving our neighbors, but did he ever walk the streets of our large urban centers, where people flip you the finger at the slightest provocation? Where beggars curse you for not giving them money? Where nearly everyone carries a gun to protect themselves from everyone else? How can we practice inclusivity in a world like this?     

I believe that the essence of growing in inclusivity lies in the word PRACTICE.  Getting good at something takes practice – exercising your spirit and knowing your steps, BEFORE having to use your training in a difficult situation.  That is the essence of what this workbook is about.

This material explores “The 12 Steps of Inclusivity.” These 12 steps are found in Creating a World That Works for All. The 12 steps themselves, found in bold text, are adapted from The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche. 

Each Step is followed by a series of questions, then a series of activities.  These activities can be performed alone, although best with a group.

Workbook Outline

Introduction to the Workbook

Toolbox for Practicing the 12 Steps

Step #1: Communicating

Step #2: Dispelling Tension

Step #3: Expressing Thoughts, Fears and Emotions

Step #4: Listening and Silence

Step #5: Using Common Sense and Humor

Step #6: Resisting the Urge to Convert or Rescue

Step #7: Expectations

Step #8: Seeing the Other

Step #9-1: Being the Other

Step #9-2: Being the Other

Step #10: Not Being Too “Wise”

Step #11: Focusing on Inner Goodness

Step #12: Facing Your Fears


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