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The Pain of the Shadow –

The Joy of the Light


A Meaningful Introduction…

I think that the “Introductory Session” last week was a success!  I thank the participants who gathered and contributed to the evening. I include the link for the audio here.

Important:  Over 30 minutes of the audio is missing.  I try to reconstruct some of it, but a good bit of the participants’ comments is gone.  Sorry about that.  Also, the quality of the audio is poor — I’m torn between trying to improve the quality, getting this into your hands, and taking time from preparing for the program itself (see “Gratitude” below).      

Remember… The registration discounts expire on Saturday.  To register, click this link:   

Register for “The Pain of the Shadow – The Joy of the Light”. 

If you have any questions about the program, send an email to mail@commonway.org

Gratitude… A Mega-Dose of it!

I have had a GREAT January!  However, as February dawned, I realized I was feeling just a bit of frustration last night and today, as I wrestled with four different computer programs to prepare the slides and the audio for you.

Then, I opened an email from my friend Thunder Williams.  The ten minute TEDx talk will absolutely blow you away!

Nature, Beauty, Gratitude

(Make sure you have it on full screen, and the volume up.)After watching this video, I realized how BLESSED I am, to have four functioning computer programs to edit and assemble the audio!  That I have the skills and (most importantly) the TIME to do the editing!  That the day here in Portland has been so beautiful, and that my youngest daughter called just as the sky turned a beautiful rose color, and I could share the moment with her, in snowy Kansas City.

I am deeply grateful to all who have signed up for the “Shadow & Light” program — and for those who have yet to sign up.  I’m grateful to those of you who are out of town, who are holding the energy with me – and waiting patiently for the online version (in April!).

Spring is at hand…

Finally, for those of you who find it hard to feel gratitude, who suffer from depression and despair: know that Spring is coming.  Not just the change in the seasons.  Transformation is in the air.  It is close at hand.  We can see the early signs, when we stop paying attention to the corporate media and just look around.

Change is coming — not the empty promises of politicians, but the metamorphosis of all of us tingling with Divine LIFE.  It’s time to get in step…



“You cannot fight a Shadow… you can, however, turn on the Light.”

Sharif Abdullah

(…yes, I’m even grateful for the font glitches in this letter!)

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