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Since coming back from the “sacred civilizations” world journey last year, one thing has become glaringly apparent:

We need a comprehensive world-view, a new way of perceiving and acting in the world.  We need it, but we don’t have it — and are not doing much work to develop one.  There are two main reasons why:

  1.    Many of us are too scared, too lazy or too “entertained” to create a world-view.  (Some have called it a “cultural coma”.  Others refer to the “deer in the headlights” syndrome.)

2.  Many who want to don’t know how, or only see part of the problem, or are locked in value structures that do not allow “inclusive” thinking (“Progressives” and “Conservatives”, for example; or overly-focusing on climate change, as though that’s our only mega-issue).

From the time I wrote “Creating a World That Works for All” (15 years ago!), the need for a comprehensive world-view has been obvious.  And lacking.  By now, I thought there would be any number of competing/collaborative/parallel world-views and meta-visions in motion, each helping to refine, expand and critique each other.

That hasn’t happened.  The best people seem to be able to do is dust off concepts that are hundreds of years old.  Faced with the demise of concepts like communism and anarchy, we have neo-communism and neo-anarchy.  (As though the term “neo-“ makes the failure go away.)  Faced with the imminent demise of capitalism, we have “neo-capitalism”.  You get the picture…

There are lots of people ready to inflict various hare-brained schemes on us, from collaborations with space aliens to the restoration of various monarchies.  But these aren’t world-views.  These aren’t meta-visions.

What are the elements necessary to create a world-view, a meta-vision?  Click here: The Seven Elements of a World-View

For more decades than I care to count, I have been focused on the emerging world-view, the new story.  I’ve written about it in my books.  It’s my answer to the seven elements of a world-view.



Even if you think you already “know” all this, it bears repeating.  Look how often you hear (and repeat to others) the bad news, the partial solutions.  Let’s start articulating the concepts that will support the massive changes necessary for a new society.

It’s time to wake up and get moving…

It takes re-discipline and re-focus. It’s not easy to do… the odds are stacked against us – the Media Machine would do anything other than have us WAKE UP.

But… you are smarter than that. You’re reading this, aren’t you?




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