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“The world” is about to come to an end.  For many, that end process has already started.

For tens of millions (perhaps billions) of humans, this will mean unimaginable death and suffering, on a scale never before experienced on this planet.

For many, many others, they will barely notice it.

Many will mourn its passing.  Many will deny that it’s over.  Many will try to bring it back. Many will celebrate it’s passing.

And many of us have been planning for its demise for awhile.

What will die is not ‘the world”, although it will seem that way to those attached to Breaker thinking, those who view the world through the myoptic Breaker lens.

What will die is a viewpoint, a perspective, an IDEA.  An idea that is failing, that MUST fail.  An idea whose failure is inevitable.  Not only inevitable, but necessary…

From the Breaker point of view, this failure will look like an “Extinction Event”.  From another point of view, it will be a necessary step in our transformation and evolution.


Those who believe in the ‘we are separate’ world-view are trying to hold on to a failing ideology, propping up failing economic and political systems, failing social, religious and cultural structures.  In the face of these failures, Breakers are increasingly turning to more control, more violence.  This too will fail.

Many feel hopeless.  They don’t understand that there is another way, another viewpoint, another ‘story”.  Another world.  The Relational Story.  The Mender Way.  The Emergent World.

This other world is not based on logical, linear, rational thinking, fear/ scarcity/ control thinking, individualized/ separate thinking… the kind of thinking that’s gotten us into trouble in the first place.  It’s not based on the fear/scarcity/control paradigm.

The Emergent World is based on Heart-driven action, on connection to all others… on LOVE.

It’s not based on individual actions or heroics.  It’s not based on individuality at all. The Emergent World is based on living within the Field of LIFE.  It’s a new way of seeing.  And, its a tremendously OLD way of seeing.

The Emergent World is not capitalism or communism or socialism or any other theory based on the Breaker’s fear/scarcity/control paradigm. It is based on a deep awareness of and reverence for LIFE.  It is based on RELATIONSHIP with All-That-Is, a RELATIONAL world-view.

Being “spiritual” simply means being aware of All-That-Is… Including and especially the parts that are not visible to our human senses. Those who are deeply spiritual do not fear the coming changes.  Emergent spirituality has little or nothing to do with ‘religion’.  it is a spirituality that knows humans are just one aspect of the Web of Life.  It is a spirituality that recognizes there is more to this world than what can be counted or measured. Or controlled.

The transformation to the Relational World is INEVITABLE, triggered by the Breaker’s Extinction Event – the systems and structures that generate out-of-control, unsustainable growth, at the expense of the Earth and her resources.

There are already hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of humans who are already living the Relational World.  They are the Keepers.  They never left the relational perspective.  For them, the breakdown of systems and structures will be largely irrelevant.

And for many of us, we who call ourselves Menders, we are learning to adopt the perspective and the values of the Keepers. The more we create emergent systems and structures, the less we rely on Breaker s&s, the closer we move to the Emergent reality.

The Relational World-View is beyond everything that can be used to separate, divide and control (ideology, race/ethnicity, class, religion, nationality…)


All of LIFE is a Field.  The physical aspects of LIFE (animals, flowers, bugs…) are part of and shaped by the Field… but the Field is larger than/ different from its parts.  A transistor is not the electromagnetic field. A photon is not the electromagnetic field.

The Web of LIFE is the harmonious interactions of the Field.  At higher and higher levels of reality, the Web exists in dynamic equilibrium, serving and benefiting all.

The Field, through its Web of interactions too numerous to mention, benefits humans.  And humans, throughout the milennia, have benefitted the Web.  The Web benefits ALL BEINGS — humans are not more benefited than others.

For one million years or more, humans have consciously honored the Field, and their part in the Web of LIFE.

Humans who were connected to the Field (and to each other) had abilities to act in the world beyond our present abilities as individuals, as Solons.  Holon Humans had the “Five Latent Powers”.  They knew that Observer and Observed are ONE.

At some point, roughly 12,000 years ago, a group of humans started seeing things through a different lens.  They started seeing themselves as separate from/ better than the other beings in the Web of LIFE.

They stopped being able to perceive the LIFE FIELD itself.  And they stopped being able to see/ perceive/ activate the Five Latent Powers.

They broke away from the Field of LIFE by denying it existed.  The broke away from the Field by ACTING in the world as though there was no Field.

They are the Breakers.  They falsely believe that they are better, superior to all other beings (including Holon Humans, who are perceived as “ignorant” and “backward”.)

Breakers are field negating. The concept and consciousness of “I am separate” weakens and thins the field.  Like an insulator blocks the EM field, breaker thinking blocks the Life field.

Breakers lost the abilities of the Latent Powers.  They lost the ability to heal themselves through use of the Field.  They lost the ability to communicate with all other beings through the Field.  They lost the ability to move objects, to build Pyramids, through the energies of the Field.

The further from the Field, the more afraid they became.  The more afraid they became, the more they tried to end their fear by trying to control (“tame”) their environments.  The more they tried, the more they failed.

Today, Breakers have the most controlled, yet the least secure, lives ever.


Everyone on Earth knows how fields work. Breakers just don’t want to admit that LIFE is a field. Because, if they do, they will then recognize that they are not part of it.

Go to RadioShack, and buy a bunch of transistors, resistors and wire. Hook them altogether. You have zero expectation that you will be able to use it to make a telephone call, listen to the radio, or do anything else.

You have no expectation, because you know that the electromagnetic field has very precise ways in which it can be accessed. That doesn’t mean that the electromagnetic field is not there – it just means that you lack the ability to connect with it.

Even accessing the electromagnetic field inadvertently or sporadically (like walking across the carpet and getting a “shock”), doesn’t mean that you understand the field for its workings.

The same is true for the LIFE field. Just because you know how to stick a seed in the ground, water it and get corn to grow, doesn’t mean you understand the LIFE field.


Not intelligent in the sense of human rationality. Not an intelligence that communicates with individual humans.

Part of the intelligence is the collective human knowing. It is readily accessed by the Keepers.

Part of the intelligence is the knowing of all species.

And part of the field intelligence is beyond our knowing.  As far beyond humans as the intelligence of the e.coli bacteria in your stomach is from YOU.

CANCER IS THE FAILURE OF THE LIFE FIELD.  cancer is the perversion of the LIFE field.

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