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Last year, when I sent out my now-annual list of jokes, someone wrote back that it was an “interesting gimmick” to get people to give a year-end donation to Commonway.

Until the writer said that, it hadn’t crossed my mind that one was linked to the other.  It’s a GIFT, something many of us have little experience with in this society.  I don’t do “gimmicks”.

So here is my gift to you (no need to reciprocate – it’s a GIFT, not a bargaining point nor an exchange bid):

20+14 Cartoons, Jokes and Other Humor 

An Observation…

I was driving around in downtown Portland a few days ago, searching for a parking space, on my way to a meeting with a client.  As I was driving around, I started looking at people’s faces, trying to find someone who looked “joyful”.  Or “happy”.  Or even “pleasant”…

Finally, I was searching for a person who didn’t appear completely hassled and pissed off.  And I failed.

When I told this story to some of my associates, they said, “Well, it’s the holidays…”  As though that actually explained anything.  We seem to have lost sight of the fact that the theme of the holiday is peace, comfort, joy, happiness and celebration.

There is a major disconnect between the negative, stressful energy people are carrying and the music coming from the speakers in every shop where they are being hassled.

WE SHOULD NOT ACCEPT THIS.  This is an insult to our ancestors and an injury to our descendants.  Regardless of the “religious” significance given to it, all humans NEED ceremony, we need ritual, we need to take time to pause, to reflect, to give thanks, to celebrate… We do NOT need “more time to shop”.

So… the jokes and cartoons are my way to help you exit the stress lane, to find at least a few commercial-free minutes where the only thing that is expected of you is a laugh (or a groan, if appropriate).


For those of you who are in a position to make a year-end donation to Commonway, please do so!  Every dollar helps to defray the costs of our work – helping to FOCUS the changes that are happening in the world, helping to catalyze our transformation to A WORLD THAT WORKS FOR ALL.

I could tell you about all of the significant work that took place in 2014, or the ambitious plans we have for 2015.  But… that would cut into the time you have for the jokes!  (More on what’s happening in 2015.)

So… if you feel moved, go to the Commonway home page and push one of the “donate” buttons (in the left-hand column) for $20, $50… whatever calls to you.

Click here for the donation buttons on Commonway’s Home Page.



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