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NOTE 02: Both sessions will be recorded. The recordings will be available for free, at least one week from the end of the last session.

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A New YOU, a New SOCIETY, a Healing EARTH.

Why do we seem afraid to say it? Given the profundity of our challenges, given how high the stakes are, why are we afraid to call for a REVOLUTION?

Perhaps because the word conjures up images of bloody street battles, or villagers with pitchforks and torches in hand, marching on the castle. This revolution is different. This is a revolution of CONSCIOUSNESS. Changing how we think and act, so that we can save our planet and our humanity.

This is a revolution, from “Greed is Good” and “Let’s Do Nothing and Hope for the Best”, to “Let’s Create a World That Works for All Living Beings”. This is a revolution that is not against anything, except our own ignorance and unwillingness to act.

The Five Steps of the “World for ALL” Revolution:

Step 1: Standing In Truth:

  • Refusing to accept the Consensual Lie.
  • Awakening your consciousness.
  • Seeing Reality (The 12 Global Challenges)
  • Believing that a New World is necessary… and possible.
  • Accepting your responsibility to act.

Step 2: Crossing The Dragon’s Gate

  • Facing your fears.
  •  Moving beyond shadows.
  • Moving beyond narrow self-interest.
  • Transcending the “Default Future“ (apocalypse).

Step 3: The Dream Of The Butterfly

  • Daring to Dream.
  • Opening to the vision of a society that actually works for all beings.

Step 4: Walking The Spirit Path 

  • ACTING in the world, not just talking about it.
  • Modeling new behavior.
  • Investing in a new society (and disinvesting from the old one).

Step 5: Living in Beauty

  • Learning a new way to live on this Earth, with all beings.
  • The Society of the Heart.
  • 12 Global Visions.

Subject: The “World for All” Revolution in 5 Steps

Dates: Tuesdays in October:            

8 October 2019             

15 October 2019   

Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm (US-Pacific)

Format: Zoom Meeting Room Zoom link (for both nights) is:


Cost:  The Webinar is FREE (donations GLADLY accepted!) 

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