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NOTE: This month, early in our new decade, we are asking you to participate in a campaign that will energize us and pave the way for effective change! An easy way to participate in our transformation! Stay tuned!

Old Consciousness and Despair… or New Consciousness and Transformative Action?

Some of you think you don’t have a choice. If you think that, you don’t.

Here’s an important question: who wants you to think that way? Who wants you to be afraid? Who wants to take away your power to make effective change?

As it turns out, there are LOTS of people and organizations who want you to stay afraid and powerless! Some of them call themselves your friends…

  • Your political party, that wants you to be afraid of “those people” (both the Left and Right do this). 
  • Your social group, that wants you to believe that you are an “outsider”.
  • Your ethnic or orientation group, that wants you to believe that you are “oppressed” or a “victim”. 

That’s not us. That’s not Commonway. We want you to stand unafraid, to realize that you are powerful. When we join together, WE are powerful. Your fears hold you back. Your Vision moves all of us forward.

Some people believe that protest helps their cause. It does exactly the opposite. Focusing on what you DON’T WANT, rather than focusing on your VISION, simply gives you more of what you don’t want.

I’m serious about this. I know people who say that they are against Trump, who spend all day checking him out on the news feeds. They are planning the next demonstrations, they are constantly denouncing him. They call it “Speaking Truth to Power”. I call it supporting his re-election campaign.

Giving Trump your attention is like giving Dracula a blood transfusion. He THRIVES on attention – even (perhaps especially) negative attention. I know people who spend hours every day, analyzing Trump’s behavior, actions, probably even his breakfast menu choices. All of that action FEEDS him, strengthens him.

Want to know what will stop downward slide to separation and isolation? Do you remember what stops Dracula? We need to shine the Light of a collective Vision – a vision of a society that includes ALL BEINGS.

What “Taking Action” Means…

To make change, here are FIVE actions to take:

1. Stop paying attention to those who want to rob you of your power, who want you to be afraid. Even if they say that they support you.

2. Start listening to your own heart, and the hearts of others who are open and compassionate.

3. Stop paying attention to the fragments of the problems, the media-pushed issues. Start seeing the whole challenge – and the whole solution. (Hint: it’s more than “Climate Change”.)

4. Identify and start paying attention to those who articulate your beliefs, your values and your vision.

5. Take action to transform human consciousness… not just yours.

The Pledge, the Pin & the Praxis:

A Consciousness Campaign During the “Season for Nonviolence”!

Coinciding with the “Season for Nonviolence“, Commonway is sponsoring 64 days of meditation, reflection, discussion and ACTION!

For 64 days, from 30 January until 4 April, you will practice some small but effective ways to move our society to transformation and health.


What are you pledged to? In our modern society, there’s very little that asks you for your pledge, your commitment… Actually anything other than your money.

In my travels, I learned something about Buddhist monasteries in Asia. I learned that it was possible to take the monastic vows for as little as 10 days. Instead of a lifetime commitment, they allow people to test the waters of monkhood. This also provided opportunity for people about to embark on a new direction to do so in a mindful way. Students would pledge to a monastery for a month after graduation. Others will enter the monastery for a few weeks, before taking a new job or making a marriage proposal.

In our upcoming campaign, we are asking you to make a pledge, a commitment. Not a pledge of money, but a pledge of your time, your attention and your mindfulness.

The 64-day pledge is very simple:

“I pledge that my primary goal is to create a world that works for all living beings.”


We are designing a pin or button to exemplify the idea “A World for All“. As part of your pledge, we are asking you to wear your pin for (at least) 64 days.

We are hoping that the pin will stimulate conversations, that will allow you to connect with others, to spread the word.

Did your boss tell you to take the pin off? Engage him/her! Ask why, tell them what it means… Then take it off — no reason to lose your job! But, the ideas are in his/her mind and heart.

Did someone ask you about the pin on the bus? Great! Your opportunity to have another conversation.

Did someone want to know where to get the pin? Carry an extra! See how many people you can “pin” in a day!


“Praxis” is a pretty cool word. It describes how your actions are in alignment with your consciousness, your beliefs. For example, if my belief is that a vegetarian diet is good for me, then you would expect my praxis to be cooking and eating vegetarian food.

Those of us who believe in “Inclusivity“ as a value have an opportunity to visibly act out that belief. 

For 64 days, in small ways, we are asking the participants to DO SOMETHING that demonstrates inclusivity, for themselves and for others. (We’ll have plenty of ideas for you… and you are welcome to come up with your own!)



MARK YOUR CALENDAR for 30 January to 4 April. We will make a formal announcement about this campaign next week, and will get things rolling on 30 January. Stay tuned!


I Like This Guy!

Here’s a TEDx talk from a different perspective… Dada Gunamuktananda talks about consciousness, one that resonates with the Commonway world-view.  He seems to be really down to Earth, despite the orange robes and jealousy-inducing beard. (Those who really know me know that I have a serious case of “Beard Envy”. I think it’s listed as a psychological disorder…)

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