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Keepers - Breakers - Menders

There are three very different forms of consciousness on our planet.  Which one are you?  Which do you CHOOSE to be?


Our Human History...

For nearly one million years, our ancestors lived on this planet in relative peace.  Since humans first utilized fire, something that no other being on the planet can do, we lived in harmony with each other, with all other beings, and with the planet Herself.

And then… something happened.

The Breakers...

The Breaker story, which tries hard to be the only story, has the subtitle “Creating a World That Works for Me.” This story is based on a thought, “I am separate,” and an assumption, “There is not enough.” Breakers are people who live disconnected from the Earth, from local ecologies, and from all other beings. Their consciousness breaks relationships at every level of existence. 

Operating from within the Breaker story, humans try to control all aspects of life on Earth. This control is, among other things, military, political, economic, ecological, genetic, and scientific. It is the root of every one of our pervasive and interlocking global crises. Breaker thought, in other words, creates The Mess.

Breakers, although great at manipulating the physical environment, are largely blind to spiritual realities. Their “I am separate” consciousness lies behind the demoralization, disenchantment, and spiritual starvation of our society.

The Keepers...

Things have not always been like this. For over one million years, humans had another way: “Living in harmony with all I encounter.” This is the story of the Keepers, the indigenous people of the Earth. Keepers were, and still are, in intimate connection with their local ecologies and all other beings. They have maintained the ancient ways of living, perfected over millennia of coexistence.

The Menders...

…The emerging Menders story: “Creating a World That Works for All.” Menders are people who choose to live as conscious, integral parts of a vital, sacred planet. Their fundamental thought is “We are One,” and their guiding assumption is “There is enough for all.” Menders are functioning as the catalysts of a new society, consciously creating alternatives to Breaker excesses. Menders recognize that we can begin the process of restoring balance to the Earth and to ourselves in this generation. This book is for those catalysts.

Being a Mender is a spiritual discipline. As Menders, our focus is on a world greater than our individual personalities, families, or nations, greater than our sensory world. We act not just for ourselves, not just for other beings currently cohabiting the Earth with us, but also for future generations and for the Earth herself. 

[From “Creating a World That Works for All”, by Shariff Abdullah, pages 3-4.]

There are three types of humans on the planet. 

The Ancient Ones, whom I call the “Keepers“ (also known by disparaging names like aborigines, indigenous people, natives, savages, heathens…)

The Keepers are known by their values:

  • Respect for the earth and all other beings.

  • Respect for themselves and each other.

  • Awareness of and respect for the transcendent reality.


The “Modern Ones“, whom I call the “Breakers“ (Also known by uplifting or positive means like civilized, settled, intelligent, pioneering, explorers, superior…) these are the dominant humans on the planet period they’re societies and themselves facing extermination, at their own hands.


Breakers have a set of values, that put them at odds with all other beings on the planet:

  • Separation from the Earth and all other beings (including many/most human beings).

  • The accumulation of dominance and control, past any personal or group needs.

  • Dissatisfaction with one’s state of being.

The third group are those who of us who are transforming our consciousness, in accordance with a new set of values. I call this group “The Menders“.  (Also known as awakened, awakening, spiritual, deeply ecological…)


Menders values are essentially the same as the Keepers:

  • Respect for the earth and all other beings.

  • Respect for themselves and each other.

  • Awareness of and respect for the transcendent reality.



For almost 1 million years, Keepers lived on the earth, within the Earth’s tolerances.


Roughly 10,000 years ago, new groups appeared, with a radically different value structure. They began to dominate the land, and dominate the Keepers.  And dominate each other.


Breakers are the only self-destructive beings on the planet. All beings struggle for food, territory or procreation rights. Breakers are the only ones who are killing each other, killing all other species, and killing the planet Herself.  And, killing themselves.


This being is creating it’s own end. And, thank goodness for the rest of the planet!


However, this is the demise of a particular TYPE of human consciousness – NOT the demise of humanity itself. And, it’s signals the birth of another type… The Menders.


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