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Is it possible to create a massive change in human consciousness, to “A World That Works for All Beings”, in just 64 days?  YES! Do I believe that it will happen? Well.. consider the Chessboard Story… a story that is so powerful, it’s been attributed to (or appropriated by) just about every culture and religion on the planet.


In the story, a wise man teaches the king of the land how to play chess.  The king is so grateful, he says that the wise man can claim anything he wishes as his reward.  

The wise man places the chess board in front of the king.  On it he places a single grain of rice on the first square.  (Sometimes it’s a grain of wheat.) He says that he wants double that on the second square (two grains) , then double that on the third square…

It seems a paltry amount, so the king agrees.  As it turns out, by the 64th square, the amount of rice is larger than the wealth of the entire kingdom. It would take about 5 billion Olympic sized swimming pools to hold all of the grain!  

The chess board...
It will take 9 quintillion grains of rice to fulfill the promise, or 9,000,000,000,000,000,000 (give or take a few).

There are several different versions of the ending.  In one, the king kills the wise man for being cheeky. In another, the wise man becomes an advisor.  In yet another version, the king gives him his daughter.

Interesting story, but what does it have to do with our campaign for an awakening humanity? Well, according to this exponential process, if each of us who receives an Earth button gives away a button to a different person just once a day, we will get to 7 billion people in just 32 days!  WE WIN!!!

Okay, don’t pop the champagne corks just yet.  There are several different restraining factors on those numbers:

— Some people just won’t do it.  They won’t accept an Earth button from you, and they won’t wear one and they won’t encourage anyone else to wear one.  No particular reason… they just won’t. (Don’t worry — perhaps not in 64 days, but they’ll eventually come around.)

— Some people won’t understand it.  (I’ve run into this already. People from other cultures who don’t understand what “A World for All” means.  People who have never ever thought about “the world”, just their little corner of it.)

— Some people are too shy, embarrassed, fearful, awkward…

— The most difficult group: some people are ideologically against the notion that the world can, or should, work for all beings.  This includes those who are so entrenched into the politics of the Right or Left, they cannot conceive of a world that works for All, including their “Other”.

— Some people are too mentally, emotionally or spiritually burdened to focus on the future…. 

Because of these factors, we’ll never get to 5 billion swimming pools filled with rice, or 7 billion people wearing Earth buttons.  But, we don’t have to!


Revolutions are executed by small groups of dedicated people.  Sometimes, very small. At the time of the American Revolution, the majority of the people in the 13 colonies were TORIES.  In the modern context, Havel’s “Velvet Revolution” was started by the revolutionaries signing “Charter 77”. So, how many people did it take to bring down the Soviet Union, the world’s second largest superpower?  Exactly 1,065. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charter_77

The victory goes to those with the clearest VISION.  The numbers will come later. The million-plus people in Prague’s Wenceslas Square were responding to the vision catalyzed by 1,000 committed people…

Look at the chessboard.  Right now, in terms of the number of Earth buttons sold, we are somewhere around the morning of Day 11.  Which means we are way ahead of where the Velvet Revolution started!! 

In each of the revolutions, each one took people who were individually and collectively committed to their cause.  The revolution to “A World for All” is waiting for… YOU.

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