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The Corona Virus: Two Cities, Two Responses, One Disaster…

8+ million people.6+ million people.
Covid Response: “Lockdown” entire population; enforce social distancing; mass closing of social spacesFind and isolate every person with the virus. (NO “lockdown”; no mass closings.)
Total # cases:42,000926
New cases (today):1,200+47
Total deaths:1,000+3
Deaths (today)105NONE
Locations:City A: 
New York City
City B: 


  1. Which city would you want to be living in right now?
  2. What is City B doing that City A is not? (And vice versa).

The Singapore Solution:

Singapore doesn’t have any more testing equipment than the US has. But, they realized that everyone harboring the virus starts with a FEVER. So, they take everyone’s temperature. Multiple times a day, at population nexus points, using laser digital thermometers. (So fast, it doesn’t slow down traffic.) They put people with fevers in 2-week quarantines… everyone else can go about their normal lives, using some enhanced health procedures, but NO LOCKDOWNS.

The numbers speak for themselves. Given the usual level of American arrogance, we may never admit that our system doesn’t work…

The Source of my information: The Worldometer. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ There’s other credible, believable info out there…

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