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We know how to stop the coronavirus as a significant health threat. STOP IT, not stretch it out. We know how to stop it COLD.

We know how to stop it, without risking the economy, or our social and cultural structures. We can stop it, without generating fear and panic. We can stop it, without putting tens of millions of people out of work, ruining businesses and livelihoods. We can do it, without increasing depression, despair and suicide.

We know how to do this, because its being done, right now, in real time. The Asian countries have very effective measures in place to stop epidemics.  They have to – with most of the world’s mega-cities there, they have to know what to do.

They followed a very simple practice:  SHUT DOWN THE DISEASE, NOT THE PEOPLE.  Singapore has the “flattest curve” of any urbanized society in the world… WITHOUT mandatory “lockdowns” or shutting down their economy!  

Do you want to know how Singapore, South Korea and the other Asian giants are doing it? CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO: The Singapore Solution.

When you look at the video, I want you to notice how HAPPY everyone looks! The school children, singing corona virus songs and demonstrating good hand washing. The health workers doing door-to-door delivery of free face masks to the elderly. Their ingenious scheme for keeping sick people OUT of the hospitals, reserving them for the seriously ill. The shop keeper, happily greeting all of his workers every morning… by taking their temperature.

In Singapore today, they have a health security force of thousands, finding and quarantining everyone positive for the virus, then interviewing every person they’ve been in contact with. This is while all of their services are still up and running. NO LOCKDOWN. The Singaporeans believe, and I agree with them, that shutting down social spaces will have the opposite effect – the virus will last longer, and be more destructive.  (And the suicide rate will go UP.)

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