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The Chronicles of the Upheavals
The Chronicles of the Upheavals

Welcome to the “Chronicles” Discussion!

Our gathering is going to be focused on the parts of “Chronicles” that you were most interested in, what you most agreed with (or disagreed with!), what you want clarified…

What will be most helpful to furthering the discussion is for you to read (or review) several key chapters in the book.

[Yes, I am aware that there’s a discrepancy between the page numbers in the Table of Contents and in the book itself. What appears below are the actual book pages…]

‘Chronicles’ Focus Chapters…

While the entire book is important, these chapters will be the focus of our discussions:


Processing and Entrance Interview with Unnamed Novice 23 of 30. p. 17

The Television Interview. p.45

The Dream. p.66

The Chipmunk. p.97

The Banned Books: What Exactly is ‘Ordinary Ecstasy’? p.108

The Food Wagon. p.116

How Things work: Tightline communications. p.163

How Things work: The Muscle Train. p.196


The Exit Interview – No Beggars. p.244

The Housing Project. p.259

The Collapse of Money. p.270

The Prisoners. p.331

Fresno Falls p.381

Questions & Discussions…

To focus our conversations, you can ask your questions early, in the discussion section below. Your early questions, comments and opinions will help shape the discussion. You can also add chapters that you would like us to focus on. (Please… no “spoilers”! Remember that many people in the discussion have not yet finished the book!)

The first Wednesday will cover Part One and some of Part Two. The next Wednesday will cover the remainder of the book.

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