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As I write this, the skies above my apartment are hazy with the smoke of raging wildfires across Oregon. Visibility is impaired – it’s hard to see even a block away. Before I drove to the store today, I had to wash the fine ashes off of my windshield. it looks like it’s about to rain, but outside is as dry as a bone.
This is not an “Act of God”. (Nor is it an “Act of BLM/Marxist demonstrators”, as speculated by some misguided people, with too much time on their hands, too much fear in their hearts and too muchInternet access.) These fires are the results of bad forest management and ignorant “science”, coupled with the sheer ARROGANCE that we can tell Mother Earth how to behave, instead of listening to Her. (In fact, not even believing that there is a “Her” to listen to.)

Our present conditions, including Covid and the George Floyd Murder and its aftermath, are the PRODUCTS of the years and decades (and centuries) of bad choices, poor decisions, limited learning. The product of Breaker Consciousness.

The Breakers (of all colors) pretended that it was possible to ignore 250 years of slavery and “free” labor, plus 100 years of American Apartheid, wiping them out with the stroke of a pen. (And then forgetting/ ignoring/ denying what you’ve written.)

The Breakers (of all ethnicities) pretended that it was possible to steal the land and resources of the Peoples of the First Nations, subjecting them to abject poverty, while making themselves rich and powerful in the process. The people of the Breaker Society told themselves the lie that they “earned” what they STOLE.

And… People with Breaker Consciousness are making even WORSE choices today, not better. We are facing MORE separation and dissolution, not less.We are watching the disintegration of Breaker Society. From the inside. This is what a society looks like, as it is unraveling.
And…You don’t stop birth. You don’t hold back metamorphosis. We don’t get a choice in this. We don’t get to sit on the sidelines, bag of popcorn in hand, and watch what happens. We are participants, not spectators.You Don’t Stop Birth…
This is what it looks like, as a new civilization, based on a higher, Mender consciousness, is being born. This is what BIRTH looks like, from the inside. (You don’t see it? Perhaps you should reduce your exposure to the poisonous rays of the various forms of “news” out there. The media gives you a perspective on what is dying, not on what is being born.)

To anyone who has ever participated in a birth, you know one thing is true: the process is both painful and messy. In some strange way, both the pain and the mess are necessary for birth.The question is: what side of the equation are YOU focusing on? Negativity, dissolution and death? Or, the dawning of a new day? It’s always your choice.

And… I’ve put together a 3-part program for the Fall, to help your choice-making… “Living a Meaningful Life in Turbulent Times”.

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