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When I told my friend, Dr. Charika Ariyaratne Marasinghe (eldest daughter of the legendary Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne) about the fires ravaging Breitenbush, she immediately organized a “Bodhi Pooja” (sacred healing ceremony) in Sri Lanka, at “Vishva Niketan”, Sarvodaya’s “Peace Village”.
Charika’s connection with BB is through me and also through Peter Moore, BB’s Business Director. Both of them are members of an international association of intentional communities: Peter through BB, Charika through VN.The ceremony will take place on Wednesday, 16 September, 2020. The time will be at 7:00 am (Pacific time), live from Sri Lanka. The entire Zoom call will be about 90 minutes. — please attend as much as you are able.

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84939443534 Registration is not necessary.

Facebook Live: We are hoping to also broadcast this via Facebook Live.

How this Started…

My friend Charika was checking in on me, after hearing about the West Coast fires, half a world away, via CNN. When I told her about Breitenbush, she immediately organized the pooja at Vishva Niketan. (For more on how this ceremony started please check this link: Background and Details on the “Bodhi Pooja” Ceremony for Breitenbush.

About Sarvodaya’s Vishva Niketan…

Vishva Niketan, Sarvodaya’s International Peace and Meditation Center, is the location for our Ceremony.

About Dr. Charika Ariyaratne Marasinghe…

Dr. Charika will be our co-host for the Ceremony. For more information, please access Dr. Charika’s LinkedIn Profile.

PLEASE BE PATIENT! We are trying to set up a spiritual ceremony, literally from the opposite sides of the planet! We will be loading additional information into this web page over the next few hours, until 1:00 am (Pacific). Please check back.

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