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Video 18: As we say goodbye to a very tumultuous year, please remember: the year may be over, but the tumult may go on for a while. There are some things that we can look forward to (or watch out for) in 2021. A different kind of New Year’s celebration: You have time, RIGHT NOW, to watch all of the transformational videos in this series!

Here they are, in order of presentation…

1. Tune Out Post-Election Anger https://youtu.be/Oo78n2LB7H0

2. Tough Enough to Build a New Nation? https://youtu.be/QVi5OxG_b6I

3. Death of the Obsolete https://youtu.be/fPDHgD41-1M

4. Reframe the Challenge to See the Solution https://youtu.be/8KJJnnt-Y1A

5. Bridging the Gap of Polarization https://youtu.be/_VaU-NO4UfM

6. Calling Names https://youtu.be/yXOng6KhMPg

7. Are You a Keeper, Breaker or Mender? https://youtu.be/79HPIPMtPIc

8. Feed Your Demons. Feed Your Fears. https://youtu.be/sjA2JbW9jRA

9. Transforming Our Prisons. https://youtu.be/6BsKOfYyOk4

10. MLK and Our Future. https://youtu.be/uMGBdzF7jrY

11. Twelve Intractable Issues: The Left Cannot Resolve our Major Issues. Neither Can the Right. https://youtu.be/6kQRHXMb3mo

12. Global Challenges. https://youtu.be/x_2BTeWwat0

13. Straight Outta Moscow https://youtu.be/uJQHG5LuVDU

14. What is the Difference Between Obama and Floyd? https://youtu.be/lQfzfkhrfHg

15. Sand… How to Change Society. https://youtu.be/371TtqeZtjE

16. Our Uber Culture: The Singapore Solution https://youtu.be/Mm0nmceIVak

17. A New Political System: Three Circles Analysis https://youtu.be/lukq3mmB4QE

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