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Thank you for successfully registering for the “What the Baby Looks Like” Workshop Series!

First, I need to get your name and preferred email address for the Zoom link:

This webinar is taking place on the Zoom platform.  If you have never used Zoom before, please sign in 5 minutes early, to download the required software for your computer/device.

Time: Sessions will begin promptly at the hour.  Please try to address any technical issues before the hour, since I will not be able to stop the Webinar to sort things out for you.

“Live”:  If you signed up for the live events, you will receive links and reminders a few days before the start of the first day in the series. 

“Archive”: If you signed up for “Archive Only”, you will receive a link for the video recording a day or two after each event.

“Q&A”: Everyone will be able to ask questions.  If you have signed up for “Archive Only”, you can ask questions in writing, and I will TRY to answer in the next week’s event.  (Of course, those attending “live” will be able to ask their questions during the Q&A session, and/or can submit written questions.)  Please put the word “Webinar” in the subject line.

Tech or Admin issues:  If you have questions, please direct them to mail@commonway.org.  (Please put the word “Webinar” in the subject line.)  You can ask your question before the webinar is scheduled, or during the webinar itself.  I will try to respond to as many questions as time permits.



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