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By now, you have received the article on “The Cathedral and the Cave”, where I talk about my time in “The Temple of Tara”.  I also promised video of the cave system itself.

First, here is a view of the cave system, from the outside, looking up and in…

Cliff face...

Cliff face…

Next, a closer view of the temple, with the “rooms” labelled:

Temple diagram 01

Finally, the 12 minute video of my 3-day “home”…

I hope you can see the cave system through my eyes… not as a graffitti covered, abandoned ruin, but as it was in its days of being a seat for spiritual exploration and devotion.  It was a high privilege being there.

And, once again, thanks to Stanzin for both facilitating and “forcing” the issue!

Other video coming in next few days…




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